Venue Specialist

Cassie Leisner

Cassie started working for Grant Station in 2015.  With ten years of experience in Customer Service and Management she has been able to smoothly take over her new role as the Venue Specialist.  Cassie has also received her certification from The Bridal Society and is a Certified Venue Professional.


Chris and Judy Pozgar

These two have been on every adventure together that you can think of.  In 2011 Chris began the renovation of Grant Station and construction of The Barn at Grant Station Events.  Since then they have opened Rib City, Old Grant Creamery, Island Paddle, and The Barn, with a couple more ventures left.

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Our Beautiful property has been around since 1893, and is on the National Register of Historic Places.  With new additions to this wonderful property your wedding will be one to remember.
We have the rustic barn for a beautiful southern style wedding, or you can choose our breathtaking waterfront for the island wedding you have always wanted.  
Get ready in the privacy of our island house or at a quaint little cottage next to the Barn.
We have packages available that will allow any couple to create a day no one will forget.  
Grant Station offers pricing ranging from $500-$5700, with our most popular package at $4200.

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