​​​​​The building was one of the earliest commercial properties in Grant and is the only remaining one in this community. 


"Our post office was known  far and wide as the smallest post office in the nation, and one of the most picturesque, as it commanded a magnificent view of the Indian River. at  the time, the only equipment in the Grant Post Office consisted of a pair of scales, mailbags, blank forms, a stamp drawer and a cash drawer." 

- Laura Jorgensen Berry

   The Historic Grant Station was first built by Louis Benson around 1894 who operated the store for a few years and then sold it to Lars Jorgensen hence the name "Jorgensen's General Store". Once Jorgensen took over, he still ran the building as a general store, yet it also served as a post office, telegraph office and trading post.

  In 1956, Lars Jorgensen's daughters sold the store to Mr. and Mrs. John Swiger. They continued to run the building as a general store and served the needs of Grant's residents. They named the store "The Towne & Country Shop". In March 1962, after the death of Mr. Swiger the old store stood with closed doors.

  But the closing was not for long. In 1995,Robert and Lisa Knoblauch restored the shop as "The Grant Grocery" And on June 25,1999, the building was added to the US National Register of Historic Places as Jorgensen's General Store.

  In October 2011, Chris Pozgar purchased " The Historic Grant Station" and has done many renovations to the building. It is currently operating as the East Coast's first Rib City. The Historic Grant Station has expanded from just the building to 3 acres of land. Along with Florida's finest Diner, Grant Station is home to Island Paddle and Station Works. 

  Coming Soon in Historic Grant Station we will have the Old Grant Creamery and down the way a beautiful

NEW venue for special events. 

" If you like history then you will love our atmosphere!"

- Chris Pozgar